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Ply Gem Stone Column Installation Instructions

Before you begin:Ply Gem Stone Column

To assure Ply Gem Stone Columns perform as designed and to avoid injury to yourself or others, you must understand that:

  • Ply Gem Stone Columns are designed only for use with, and snug fitment over a 5” X 5” rigid PVC post of a minimum thickness of 0.132” or an aluminum or steel post that has been permanently cemented into solid ground.
  • Ply Gem Stone Columns should not be used with treated or untreated wooden posts of any size or species.
  • The foam core of Ply Gem Stone Columns should not be altered as the system may be weakened, may not function as designed, or water may collect and result in future hazards or damage
  • The maximum allowable height of a Ply Gem Stone Column is 13 segments plus a cap above the base or a total height of 76.9” including the cap.


Take time to plan the overall layout of the project taking into account soil condition, property lines, utility locations, electrical connections and local ordinances.  Then begin by staking out the project locating each column using string and stakes, assuring any corners or intersecting sections are square.

For simplicity of planning the Ply Gem Stone Columns are sold in kits as follows:

Kit Id Diagram Use with Privacy
755233238067 1 Stone Column Privacy Line Kit
(Routed for privacy on each side)
75523423067 2 Stone Column Privacy End Kit
(Routed for privacy on one side)
755235238067  3 Stone Column Privacy Corner Kit
(Routed for privacy on adjacent sides)

Notes: All kits have 13 stones plus a closed cap

Ply Gem Stone Columns:

Use of Ply Gem Columns with Ply Gem Privacy Fence is limited to level ground or minor slopes that still permit the fence sections to remain level.  The following preparations are to be used:

  1. Dig or auger a 10” diameter hole to a depth of at least 24” into solid ground. It is important to dig deeper than 24” if required to get below the frost line.
  2. Remove and discard a square of grass roots and or sod a minimum of 18” X 18” keeping the 10” hole centered to a minimum of 2” deep where the column is to be placed.
  3. Pour 2”-4” of gravel into the bottom of the 10” hole.
  4. Set the 5” X 5” PVC post in the hole, mark and cut to appropriate height. For a 13 segment column with a cap, the post should extend 76” above ground level. (if underground electrical connections are planned, the post should be appropriately prepared according to local regulations at this time)
  5. Center the 5” X 5” PVC post in the 10” hole atop the gravel base.
  6. Following the manufacturer’s instructions prepare enough of a concrete mix adequate to fill the hole to where the 18” X 18” square begins.
  7. Pour the concrete into the hole filling 6” at a time, packing it down while assuring the post is square with the planned installation and plumb both ways.
  8. Allow the concrete to set for 24-48 hours before continuing.
    • As desired, continue to set additional posts using Steps 1-7 above
    • If using full privacy fence sections, assure  the next post location is positioned approximately 88 1/8” away from the first post
    • If using less than a full privacy section, space according to desired length of the assembled privacy fence
    • In cold weather be sure to increase spacing an extra ¾” to allow for PVC expansion.
  9. Place and level 2” of gravel into the 18” X 18” square, tamping level as a footing for each post.
  10. Lift the first column section above the post and lower onto the gravel footing and tamp gently to level.
  11. Apply a thin bead of LockTite PL Premium adhesive that covers the surface to within ¾” of the edges, assuring that when the column sections are stacked, no adhesive is seen from the exterior.
  12. Continue applying the adhesive, lifting the Stone Column sections and lowering into place until the column is constructed as shown in the illustration.Ply Gem Column Diagram
  13. If excessive length needs to be cut from the post, stop a few column segments early, allow the adhesive to fully cure (see directions), cut the post, then finish installing the column segments.
  14. Apply adhesive, then apply either a Ply Gem Stone Cap to finish the top. (finish any electrical connections according to appropriate codes and manufacturer’s directions).

Privacy Fence Assembly:

  1. Insert bottom rail, groove side up into bottom of first post
  2. Use stakes and two 2x4s on the opposite end to hold the rail and panels level until the next stone column is assembled
  3. Slide one panel into the bottom rail and use a rubber mallet as needed to fit the panel into the vertical slots in the stone column. In cold weather do not place the panel to the bottom of the groove but allow 3/8” spacing (use a pencil to mark the depth as needed).
  4. Insert a second panel into the bottom rail and slide it up to the first panel.
  5. Repeat for the remaining panels
  6. Make sure all the panels are locked together then slide the top rail in place at an angle.
  7. If needed, cut the bottom rail, the last panel and the top rail so that the next stone column can be assembled and the privacy fence fits into the slot system as the column is assembled
  8. Repeat for each fence section


Attachments to Ply Gem Stone Columns:

  • Ply Gem does not recommend or specifically warrant Stone Columns for side attachments of any type.
    • If you decide to attach light weight objects to Ply Gem Stone Columns at your own risk, for your safety, it is important to wait 24-48 hours after the concrete securing the post is set before making such attachments. It is also important to allow the adhesive between the column sections to fully cure before attaching anything to Ply Gem Stone Columns (see adhesive manufacture’s directions).