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Aluminum Ornamental Fencing Choices for Dogs

Do you need a fence for your dog? If you're looking for an attractive fence option, an aluminum fence is a great choice. There are several styles and grades to choose from including Black, White, Bronze, Hunter Green, and Sandstone for the residential customer. Commercial grade aluminum fencing is available in standard colors including Black , White, and Bronze.

You are only limited by your imagination, as custom colors are always an option, at an additional cost.

For many dogs, a common style of aluminum fence that is used is the Saybrook. The Saybrook features a flat smooth top design and has spacing between the pickets of 3.75". So, if your dog is greater than 10-12 pounds he should not be able to slip through theses pickets!

Have a dog that is smaller than 10-12 pounds? Then we have the Horizon style of fence. The pickets on this fence are closely spaced at 1.5" apart. The Horizon will keep your dog in and other dogs and critters out!

The most popular style for all small and toy dogs is our Doggie Panel Modification fence system. The doggie panel can be added to any of our standard styles of aluminum fence. The bottom 16" to 18" of the doggie panel modification fence had a spacing of 1-5/8" . Nothing but a bug can squeeze through this style of fence! The remainder of this style of fence has 3.75" spacing. This style of fence allows you to keep a clear view of your lake or scenic area while maintaining the security of your small dog in his yard.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to aluminum fencing for your dog. Please give us a call and one of our courteous, knowledgeable customer service professionals will be happy to discuss your fencing needs.

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