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Can I Cut My Fence?

Aluminum Fence
Aluminum fence can be cut down to fit into almost any dimension you need.  Most aluminum fence in residential grade is sold in pre-assembled 6' wide sections. When dealing with property lines and fencing applications in general, it is very rare that the dimensions needed are in exact 6' increments.  Thankfully, your aluminum fence section can be trimmed down with a hacksaw (or any metal blade saw) to just about any width needed.

For example, you have a run along the front of your property that is 32' long to the property line.  Six does not divide into thirty two evenly.  The solution is to purchase 6 of the 6' wide sections and cut down several of them to make the spacing between each post as symmetrical as possible.

Of course, there are scenarios when cutting all of the fence sections down is unnecessary.  An example would be if the area is covered or will be covered with vegetation or shrubbery.  There's no need to make the fencing look symmetrical because it's just going to be covered up anyway.

After you've made the proper cuts to the fencing and you have the sections trimmed to the width you need, you slide the horizontal rail of the fence into the pre-cut holes in each post so the cutting you've done is hidden inside the posts.  This will give your installation a clean and professional look where the post and fence section meet. To watch a how to install your fence video and see a fence cut click the link.

Vinyl Fence
Vinyl fencing usually comes unassembled in either 8' wide or 6' wide sections.   But all of the same principles of cutting down aluminum fencing apply to vinyl fencing as well.  You can cut down the horizontal rails to the length needed for your application and then slide the rail into the pre-cut hole in the post for final assembly.

Wrought Iron Fence
Our wrought iron fence comes in pre-assembled 8' wide sections. This type of fence can also be cut down with a hacksaw or reciprocating saw to almost any width needed.  The connection between post and section is different with this fence system than that of the aluminum and vinyl systems.  Where the aluminum and vinyl use pre-routed holes in each post to accept the fence section, the wrought iron fence system uses blank posts (posts without holes) and shoe brackets.  After you have made your cut, you just slide the shoe brackets over each horizontal rail and screw the section to the post.  This hides any cuts you've made efficiently and professionally.

When it comes to determining where you want your fence line to be on your property, you don't need to worry if the amount of space you have will work out with the dimensions of the fencing that you buy.  With ornamental fence, you can just measure off the area and buy enough fence to cover that particular run.  Then you can cut down a section or sections and be exact as you want to be in relation to the spacing between your posts.

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