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Types of Pool Fence for Your Home!

What is pool fencing? Who determines what is a pool fence and what is not?  In the most general of descriptions, any fence could be considered  pool fencing.  If you have a pool and there is some type of barrier made of any number of materials around it then you could say it is a pool fence. But for the purposes of this article, we will concentrate on aluminum pool fencing that is made to meet the strictest of pool fence code barrier regulations from around the country. These regulations vary from state to state and even city to city.  You definitely need to check with your local building department to make sure you know what your specific pool fence regulations are.  Now let's look at a few styles of aluminum fences by Specrail that meet the more strict regulations.

Aluminum pool fence is the best choice for protecting your home and loved ones.

The most simple pool fence design is the 48" high, 2 rail Derby BOCA. The spacing between pickets is 3.75" and the flush top and bottom rail design means that the spacing between horizontal rails is greater than 45".  This spacing is important so the rails cannot be used as a step by a child. The Magna Latch can be used to meet latch requirements.

The most commonly used pool fence design is the 54", 3 rail Storrs BOCA.  The spacing between the pickets is 3.75". The spacing between the bottom horizontal rail and the middle horizontal rail is greater than 45".  The reason for this spacing is, again, so a child cannot use the rails as a step.  The Magna Latch is used to meet latch requirements.

There are two styles of aluminum pool fence available from Specrail that do not have the 45" of spacing between the horizontal rails but will still meet the strict pool fence regulations present in many areas of the country.  These styles are the Horizon and Falcon.  These designs in the 48" high, 3 rail sections meet pool fence code because of the narrow spacing between the vertical pickets.  The spacing between the pickets on these styles is 1.56".  It is generally assumed that a child cannot put a foot between that narrow of an opening so the horizontal rails cannot be used as a step regardless of how close together they are.  The Magna Latch would also need to be used with these styles to meet latch requirements.

These few styles of aluminum fencing are the most commonly used styles for pool fence.  Specrail offers several other styles of aluminum fencing that can be customized to meet your specific regulations.  Please browse our site to view our Pool Fence selections or give us a call and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you design your pool fence.

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