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How to Child-Proof Your Pool Fence or Gate

You have finally selected the perfect fence to enclose your swimming pool. Now, what about the gates and gate hardware? Are they self-closing? Are they self-latching? In order to child-proof you're swimming pool fence you must make sure that all of your gates prohibit children from wandering into your pool? All of the pool gates sold by are self-closing and self-latching

Our Magna-Latch (magnetic safety gate latch) is easily installed, even on existing gates. It is the most durable latch on the market today and has been a revolutionary tool in securing swimming pools and homes. This latch is also suitable for pet security. The most popular top pull model is designed and installed for pool security and child safety settings. Most of our models come with a key locking feature for extra security. These locks do not rust or bind and are worth their weight in gold! Feel free to contact any of our fence professionals to help you secure your pool setting today!


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