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Swimming Pool Fences and B.O.C.A Codes

What is BOCA ? What does it stand for?

Following please find a brief explanation that will hopefully clear up all of the confusion. B.O.C.A stands for the Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc.. This nonprofit agency is now known as The International Code Council or ICC . These agencies along with other code organizations work to make all codes uniform in the building and safety industries. They establish the minimum performance requirements for all aspects of the construction industry. These agencies have developed strict guidelines for safety of outdoor, indoor, private, and public pool settings and the fences that surround them. Hot tubs and spa settings are also included in their guidelines. They have set the standard for aluminum pool fence model codes in the aforementioned areas. Please refer to section 421.10 for enclosures for private swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Please check with the agency below for more pool code information or visit for all you need to know about fencing in your pool.

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