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What is Rackability?


When shopping for a fence you probably see the word rackability thrown around quite a bit. Rightfully so, as it is a key feature for any ornamental fence panel to have. This feature gives the panel the ability to follow the grade or slope of the ground. This eliminates the need to stair-step your sections like what is typically seen in wrought iron and other welded or solid fence panels. Our rackable aluminum fence panels are better than solid panels when trying to combat a slope. This is because they provide a much more secure and smoother fence line when going up the slopes or hills on your land. Often times with stair-stepped panels you will be left with a sizable gap underneath the section. When buying a fence, whether you are keeping things in or out, having as few gaps as possible is critical for security. Not to mention having a continuous and sleek fence line certainly adds to the overall appeal of the property.

Fence-Depot offers standard, racked, and double-racked aluminum and steel fence panels. When requesting a quote from one of our fence professionals be sure to let us know the lay of the land you're working with. We've encountered many situations where different elevation styles are needed and with many years of installation experience, we know what works best. Below are illustrations of the different options we've touched on.


Even when working with relatively flat land it is always best to consider getting rackable panels to account for very small grade changes in a fence line. It may not seem like much, but over the course of 50 feet, a few inches of fluctuation in grade can really add up fast. Our standard rackability for our aluminum can handle grade changes from 16" up to 20" over a 6'W section; depending on the style and manufacturer. Where the elevation change is even more severe, we offer what we call double-punched, or double-racked panels. Our double-punched panels can rack 21"-26" over a 6' span. If you look below, the image on the left is a perfect example of our standard rackability.  The image on the right has a much steeper hill, and double punched panels had to be used to follow the grade.

Now that you know what rackability is, head on over and explore the many style, color, and material options!
Fence-Depot has both welded steel and aluminum that offer rackable panels so what are you waiting for?

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