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Ornamental Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fence offers a maintenance free alternative to other fencing systems. It offers the beauty of traditional wrought iron without the worry of rust. Durable enough to enhance the security of your property and decorative enough to enhance the value also. Ornamental Aluminum fencing has many advantages over the competition. Our aluminum fence systems come with a lifetime warranty, making them the finest on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is aluminum fence expensive?
Aluminum fence comes in 4 different grades to fit your budget and your needs. Most people are under the illusion that this fencing product is not affordable due to its beauty and curb appeal. It is in fact very affordable when you weigh the benefits of this product versus other fencing materials. There is no painting, staining, warping, or maintenance necessary. It instantly increases the value of your property and decreases your headaches.

Is Ornamental aluminum fence sturdy?
Yes. It is important to match the correct grade and height of the fence with each fencing application. For example the residential grade is suitable for perimeter fence situations such as containment of children and pets, or residential pool settings. We highly recommend the commercial and industrial grade be used for settings which entail security situations.

Can I install it myself?
Yes. Aluminum fence sections are pre-assembled and the posts are punched to allow for a perfect fit. Each end, corner, gate, and line post has pre-punched holes for easy installation.

What colors are available?
Standard colors for residential aluminum fences include: White, Black, Bronze, Beige, and Green. Special order colors are also available for an additional cost.

Do you carry styles that meet local pool codes?
Yes, however pool codes vary, so it is always a good idea to check with your local building department prior to placing your order.

Can children sustain an injury from the spear top picket styles?
This type of ornamental aluminum fencing has been around for many years and is generally used for 6', 7', or 8' high fencing situations. Although this spear top looks threatening, it is actually a pinched picket and is not sharp. Children need to be warned of its potential danger however.

If my fence is damaged, is it difficult to fix?
No, aluminum is easy to repair. The vertical pickets are screwed into the horizontal supporting rails; any damaged pickets can easily be removed and replaced with new pickets. If a horizontal rail is damaged, remove the existing section and pickets, and install the new rail. If a post is damaged, remove the attached sections, then remove the old post and footer. Install a new post and reattach the existing sections.

What kind of warranty comes with your aluminum fences?
Each system comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It warrants that their aluminum fence will remain serviceable and structurally sound for a lifetime. This warranty covers materials and workmanship. The electrostatically applied, organically painted fence is warranted for a lifetime from date of purchase. The finish is guaranteed not to crack, check, or peel (lose adhesion).

How do I choose a reputable installer for my new aluminum fence?
There are many factors to consider when choosing a contractor. Here are a few good questions to ask.
1) Does the contractor maintain a commercial place of business?
2) How long has the contractor or company been in operation? Do they specialize in fencing?
3) Is the contractor licensed, bonded, and insured?
4) Does the company offer any warranties on their workmanship?
5) Are references available upon request?
What a contractor charges is less important than how honest they are, what kind of job they do, and how they treat their customers. Be sure to select a company that you are comfortable with, one who will meet your standards and expectations. Choose a professional!

Shopping Tips
1) Research the aluminum fence manufacturer. Look at the number of years the manufacturer has been in business. Are they established? Consider the size of their manufacturing facility and their ability to produce their products.

2) Compare the warranties available. Look for warranties that are for the life of the product and preferably not prorated.

3) Select the appropriate strength grade of aluminum fencing for your application. There are a variety of grades available for the countless settings which employ aluminum fence. Following please find just a few of the applications which utilize aluminum fencing: Containment of children and pets, pool enclosures, perimeter fencing, tennis court enclosures, playground settings, high traffic areas, and high security settings such as prisons and airports. You will want to look closely at post, picket, and rail dimensions when selecting the appropriate grade of fence. Strength and thickness go hand-in-hand.

4) Look closely at color selection. Consider blending the color of your fencing with the trim on your house, or utilize your fence to accent your yard. Many individuals will select black due to its ability to hide dirt and blend excellently with most any surrounding. Every manufacturer offers custom colors but know that there are extra costs and additional production times involved in this type of selection.

5) Consider the finish used and the processes utilized to increase durability and hardness. Investigate these processes for they do affect the longevity of these products.

6) Seek out a company that offers experienced customer service to assist you in dealing with your ornamental aluminum installation. Make sure there are installation manuals available or an experienced staff to assist you with proper installation techniques. Double check to make sure that once your aluminum fence is delivered you will not be left hanging.

7) Assess the project area. When selecting a style of aluminum fencing also remember to look at the grade of your yard. Determine if your yard or project area is level, sloping, or full of hills. Any style will look great on a flat, level plain but certain styles are not recommended when it comes to a yard which is mountainous or sloping. There are styles which do look excellent when the panels are racked or installed in a stair stepped fashion. Consider the style you have selected and the percent in which sections may be racked.

8 ) Evaluate your swimming pool fence setting if you are seeking containment. Have a clear understanding of your local building codes or local Boca pool codes. Make sure that the ornamental aluminum fence you are selecting meets and exceeds these requirements. All aluminum fence gates must be self-closing and self-latching to prevent possible emergency situations and to prohibit accidental intruders.

Planning for your New Aluminum Fence
Did you check your city codes for permissable heights, styles, and specifications?
Each and every city has its own specific codes and guidelines for both commercial and residential fencing. Specific regulations exist for pool settings, corner lots, fence placement (how close to your actual lot lines you are able to place your fence), etc. Always check with your local building department prior to selecting your aluminum fencing.

Do you know your property lines?
A current boundary or staked survey is always a good idea. You can use a plot map of your property which is usually found in your mortgage papers, but please keep in mind that these plot maps are generally plus or minus footage. If your property lines are not clear, having a new staked survey of your land is always a good idea to prevent any future problems when it is time to sell. The latter, is an actual survey with pins (stakes) in place.

Are there any obstructions such as trees, shrubs, or boulders within the proposed line of fence?
Keep in mind that large trees may be boxed in or out of your line of fence. Objects such as shrubs, or boulders should be removed prior to installation to ensure the nicest finished product.

Are there any underground utilites or privately installed lines on your grounds?
A). There are local public agencies which generally will mark any public utilities which may lie beneath the ground. These utilities generally include public electric lines, public phone lines, public gas lines, cable lines, etc. Please check with your local agency prior to digging to eliminate unnecessary costs or possible injury.
B). There are many private agencies which can be hired to locate and mark privately installed lines such as those lines which were installed on your property by a private contractor.
C). Sprinkler or pool lines: contact your pool or sprinkler company to have underground lines marked prior to digging.

What is the grade of your land?
Is it rolling? Flat? Slightly rolling? Or uneven? Aluminum fences work best if there is less than a 10% change in grade. If more than a 10% change in the grade of your land exists sections may be racked, or stepped.

Do you have the proper tools for installation?
Useful tools include a post hole digger, wheelbarrow, shovel, for mixing concrete, a tape measure, level, and string line.

Please fax, email, or call in your layout to help determine the actual number of aluminum fence sections, posts, and gates, needed to complete your order. We thank you for viewing our site and are happy to assist you in your quest for the perfect fence. Please feel free to call us should you have any questions, or need assistance.

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