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Choosing the Best Aluminum Fence Panels for Your Pet

aluminum pet fenceWith so many styles of aluminum fence panels on the market today, it might seem overwhelming to choose the perfect model for your dog. The size, temperament, and strength of your pet will help you to determine the type and amount of fencing needed in your yard. Some of the larger, more energetic and powerful dogs may require both a larger model as well as a higher grade of material for proper containment, while smaller dogs often require closer paneling. For most dogs exceeding 10-12 pounds, our most common picket spacing of 3.75” is a perfect size for containment, as they will not be able to squeeze through; however, for smaller pups, this just won’t be enough to keep them at home. This is absolutely no problem, though, as we at Fence-Depot also offer aluminum fence panels that come standard with 1.5” spacing.

But what if you have a small dog, yet fall in love with the look of one of our more standard 3.75” spacing aluminum fencing panel models? No problem! We also offer the Doggie Panel Modification. This modification can be added to any of our standard aluminum fence panel styles. The bottom 16" to 18" has a spacing of 1-5/8”, making it impossible for your tiny pet to squeeze through, yet the remainder has 3.75" spacing. This option means you never have to compromise, as it allows you to keep a clear view of your beautiful property, while keeping even your tiniest pet safe and secure.

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